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Shanghai NCN Co., Ltd. was established in March, 1996 and reorganized in July, 1998. With the stable development of its principal business in property, the Group has been actively engaged in housing guarantee, property service, energy conservation, municipal road management, greenery maintenance, education training and other urban operation and supporting service, dedicating to becoming a service provider for urban operations and integrated by multi-businesses, which is the most strong enterprise group in Changning District. 


In 2017, the total assets of the NCN Group has reached 30.39 billion, with a net profit of 350 million and a total tax of 1.61billion.

集团已连续 23年荣获上海市重点工程实事立功竞赛优秀公司,以高品质的房产开发和成熟的品牌形象,位居上海房地产开发企业 50 强前列。荣获了全国“守合同重信用”企业、“全国中华慈善突出贡献奖”、“上海市企业文化示范基地”、“长宁区深化全国文明城区创建先进集体”等荣誉称号, 2017年获白玉兰工程三个,园林杯金奖工程一个,量身定建的江森总部大楼获美国LEED铂金认证(93分为亚洲最高分)。

The Group has been honored with the title of “Outstanding Company with Excellent Service in Accomplishing Key Projects of Shanghai” for consecutively 23 years. With high quality development of property and mature brand image, the Group ranks the top 50 of the real estate development enterprises in Shanghai and won the honorary title of "Trustworthy Enterprise with Good Fulfillment of Contract", "the National CSR Outstanding Contribution Award", "Model Company for Shanghai Corporate Culture ", "Advanced Group in Changning District in Deepening the Establishment of the National Civilized Urban Area" and so on. In 2017, the Group has won three Magnolia projects, one gold medal project of “Garden Cup”, and the tailored construction for Johnson headquarters has been certified by LEED platinum in the United States (93 is the highest score in Asia). 


In keeping with the political, economic and social responsibility, the Group firmly and comprehensively builds the "foundation" of the China Communist Party with strict administration and gives full play to the leadership and political core role of the Party. At the same time, according to the industrial development strategy and update strategic orientation of Changning District, based on the "three-year action plan" of the SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council) in Changning District, the Group actively lays out the "2+2" development strategy, and has made phased achievements in further optimizing real estate development and management, actively promoting urban renewal, trying to plot new fields and accelerating industrial extension and upgrading. 


In the future, the group will take the spirit of "restart with reform and innovation" to excavate the spiritual wealth and cultural characteristics of the enterprise. On the basis of stabilizing the principal business in property, we will spend great efforts to become a service provider for urban operations and integrated by multi-businesses, accelerating the development of private education, promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional Chinese medicine, and make unremitting efforts in order to become a competitive state-owned enterprise group with outstanding advantages in main business development, reasonable optimization of development structure, continuous improvement of internal management and constant contributions.